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And namaste. Grateful for that. What I guess upset me was that in his case he had no humanitarianism or altruism. Abeit many dark conspiracy-theories. And no empathy, he tried to act like he had it I am a pisces decan 3 so I feel this shit he would straight out laugh at beggers and then laugh at himself, sounding and looking like an evil clown for doing it….

And sure, not all of the aquas in this decan is like this one but may i tell you, he was darker- than- thou. He had a virgo rising, libra moon, but seemed to cunjure up only the worst traits of virgo, picking on everyone, but unlike virgo who blames themselves, he kept blaming everyone but himself for wrongdoings. And the libra-thing with being possessive and taking things only for himself, his own scales. Very indesicive. Sorry for the gut-spill and long haul here you guys. This was recently and I just… I just wow…Needed to write it.

Thanks for your work and your insight, dear astrologer. I guess some of these star seeds can be carnevorious, huh. You have a beautiful presentable appearance and are very outspoken which is probably good but I noticed one time how your words dethroned another putting yourself there in place of. Marina enthroning herself with her followers.

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That was a first strong impression of that idea. I suppose its the right and wrong checkerboard. Affectionately yours. We are the Spartan revolution Aquarius…….. Hello to you. Is it common to share traits of all 3 decans?

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I was born on Feb 11 Im typically timid and shy but have grown more social over the years towards women but with little success. Im certainly not a hedonist but believe the pursuit of happiness is most important in life and to some that requires pleasure, I do work hard and play hard as for the more invigorating traits of the 3rd decan well…. I am a bit stubborn when I set a point but I am open to others points always when I have doubt of my view.

I certainly have motivation in fun things and want to progress in them but work, and ideal careers chain me into doubting myself as I want the fun things game design, youtube video uploads and aircraft maintenance to be my career. I can be calm but get very frustrated over little things but hold my temper unless it is when people misunderstand others and refuse to listen to reason. Also I would like to know which sign might be more compatible for me for a relationship and will they be accepting of my hobbies such as archery, youtube, videogames, hunting, fishing, martial arts, edm clubs every now and then philosophy, history, astronomy, and music all types except for most rap.

And I do take great pride in my country as well as others who stand up for what is right and is not chained by politics, or public controversy and stereotypes. I support the constitution and our god given rights and will fight for them till the day I die. I also believe in protecting those who innocent and am a firm justice holder to those who have committed heinous crimes.

But I also acknowledge that there are things that are out of my control and things I can not do unless I have others who stand with me. Overall I just want to see and learn as much that life and people have to offer and try to invoke pleasure of laughter to people to live a happy life.


Please let me know what you think and I would immensely appreciate it if you replied. Thank you. Oh how i wish! I stopped watching news like when i was as i subconciously knew this was all bullshit. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:.

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This is very insightful. It makes sense now. God these are bloody great. Moon in Pisces The Astrology Place. It is also likely that some of them will seek solace through drugs and alcohol. The Moon in Pisces may indulge in bouts of crying, self-pity, and they can often play the victim or savior in close relationships, invoking guilt, persecution, sympathy and helplessness. When the Moon is found in Pisces, your emotions are likely to be pronounced. Pisces is the final sign of The Zodiac, and has much to do with sensitivity — to oneself, to other people, and to the mysterious, unseen forces that shape our world.

With the Moon in Pisces, you are likely to be strongly influenced by the compassionate, creative, imaginative, romantic and idealistic aspects of life.

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On an instinctive level, you may have a natural affinity with the abstract or intuitive. This affinity can be a blessing, or a curse. The quality of your journey will have much to do with how prepared you are to recognize these sensitivities, and give them the respect that they deserve. You are likely to be able to sense the hidden or energetic levels of life, soaking up atmospheres as if you were a sponge. Your feelings about people and situations are likely to be immediate, accurate and intense.

Born with a vivid imagination. Your imagination is likely to be strong. You will find all manner of nuance in a variety of experiences. Whether you prefer to escape into a comfortable world of your own daydreams, or immerse yourself in art, anything that works to activate your imagination feels like coming home, enabling you to nurture your soul.

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You are likely to respond to visual and emotional stimuli, which work to jettison you off into the many worlds of your imagination. Here you can find recreation and release. This is a great advantage if you turn your talents to anything creative. Most often, the Piscean energy is expressed through abstract art forms, so anything around music, film, photography, dance, drama, poetry or painting may appeal.

Even if you do not practice as an artist, you are likely to be strongly in tune with certain art-forms. Because this sign is highly creative, opportunity awaits those of you who find an outlet for your vivid imaginations. You may also be highly intuitive , possessing innate psychic abilities if other factors in the chart are also present. You may have had a powerful sense of knowing from an early age, experienced prophetic dreams, or perhaps grown up in an environment where the women in particular were known for their psychic or healing abilities.

Pisces is a sign of mystery, and we are not yet at a stage of human evolution where we can understand all that Life has to offer. We do not understand our intuition fully, nor do we understand all the dimensions which exist within our Universe. Accordingly, you may have a natural curiousity about the subtle forces which shape our lives. A deep connection to the spiritual side. This sign is one of spiritual seeking. You may have a profound and personal relationship with your experience of The Divine.

This does not mean you are religious, and you may not follow any particular faith. But you are likely to feel in touch with something greater than yourself, and in your own way seek to live that experience out. As mentioned, Pisces is a sign of great sensitivity. Love and relationship may be an area of life where you go through many lessons. Pisces is a very romantic sign. You may have a tendency to enter relationships or new experiences with rose-coloured glasses.

Yet you have the capacity for a rare kind of loving, based on the unconditional acceptance of others for who they are. Sometimes you experience an exalted kind of love that will bring you an experience of true union with another. At other times, you may need to wake up to harsh realities, seeing others for who they are, and not who you would like them to be.

With the Moon here you need to be in relationship with others who respect your sensitivity. For this to happen, you must first respect it for yourself. Most often, women with the Moon in Pisces have an easier time, for women are allowed to explore and develop their sensitive sides.

For men, this placement can be more difficult. Many men are taught from an early age to repress their emotional lives, leading to patterns of fear and self-denial in later life where the attempt to shut down and deny their intuition is made. Men are often not raise to be sensitive or emotional. Sometimes men born with the Moon in Pisces fear their natural sensitivities.

Born with a need to escape. The sign of Pisces carries within it an innate urge to escape — to leave behind the mundane aspects of life. Accordingly, you may find you have the need to withdraw periodically from the demands of life, taking time to replenish your highly sensitive emotional system. If you do not recognize when the time to withdraw has come, you may find yourself unable to cope with the demands of life.

Withdrawal or escape is an important part of the Piscean experience. Whether you do this consciously or unconsciously will be entirely up to you. A conscious manifestation of this desire to escape could involve taking time to be alone, retreating from the world for contemplation, meditation, purification and renewal. Spending time by the water, or in nature, is especially soothing.

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Natural environments help release the emotional and psychological influences you have absorbed from others, and process those experiences that are necessary for your growth. As Pisces is a sign of compassion, you may also experience self-renewal through acts of kindness to others, consciously offering your compassionate nature in selfless acts of service to others.

The trick here will be in learning not to take on more than your fair share. Giving of your self is a natural response, but you may need to learn when enough is enough. Sometimes those born with the Moon in Pisces need to recognize boundaries, so that their generous and compassionate qualities are not taken advantage of.

An unconscious manifestation of the urge to escape would be more literal. This is usually characterized by a person who seeks to escape from the demands of this world through addiction, drugs or alcohol, through becoming dependent on some kind of government or welfare system, or losing themselves by becoming the victim of someone or something. Sometimes those born with the Moon in Pisces unconsciously become sick, vulnerable or destitute.

However the escape is experienced, there is often an underlying feeling of not being able to cope in the world.