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Do you think I will marry him? How will be my married life? Is working wife is suitable for or a housewife? Is there a second marriage in my life? Or is it better to remain like this? We are living separately. Will she come back or shall I re-marry? I am a divorcee. Will I marry again?

INR Indian Rupees Questions below are personally answerd by your Astrologer Kamal Krish Kapoor. Am I Manglik? These are some of the most common questions which arise during the time , when a person is looking for matrimonial alliance. This Free Manglik checking utility would help you to find out whether you are Manglik or not? Free online Manglik check Free Answers to your questions Are you having any serious question arising in your mind? If yes then this free astrology question service would find the answers for you through the " Ask Ganesha" utility.

This utility usage is absolutely free and if you'd ask the question with full faith in Lord Ganesha , you surely would get the right guidance and answer. The company now boasts of an impressive portfolio of running and upcoming products, services and brands. Astrology is the most comprehensive way to uncover who you really are and who you're meant to become?

Astrology is a natural companion to psychology.

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If psychology is defined as the study of the soul, then Astrology is the study of the soul through the language of the stars. What do the stars have planned for you in ? The Prediction is also going to be quarterwise so one can take an important decision during that time frame. This report shall help you to harness this new energy all year. Yes,We believe in proactive action, and certainly don't recommend resigning yourself to fate.

Although, the end result remains largely in your hands, our analyses, suggestions and solutions shall help you negate ill-influences and take better, calculated decisions in with respect to different areas of life.

Love or Arranged Marriage • Time of Marriage

Absolutely yes! We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may. The same will be answered by our Astrologer within Detailed Yearly Report at the time of delivery to your Email Id. I am truly satisfied with the report. I would like to thank the astrologer behind it. I have ordered a couple of reports earlier but I must say this one stands out. Most of the points are covered and it strengthens my belief to take decision towards my dream. Good analysis. However time will tell what has been predicted.

MY previous experiences are good about your planetary analysis.

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Very good insight of my life in the year Report has covered all aspects of life briefly. It gives an idea about what the new year has in store for me , also alerts me about the area where one has to be careful. I recommend that everyone must have it. Thank Ganesha speak team. I like the report, it is detailed and structured and very well written.

Thank you! Was feeling very pessimistic since some time as brought out by your prediction. Now have a positive vibe that it's going to be alright after this phase. Thank you, I am a medical PhD student and due to high tuition fee I was very depressed financially Your predictions are pretty accurate for the previous months, and I am hopeful that things will get better. As almost half a year has already passed away, the predictions mentioned in the report are quite true. I could actually relate my experience to the predictions in the report.

Totally in awe as I never completely believed in astrology. Thank you. Wonderfully detailed report. I feel blessed to seek your support and efficient timely services from your best team members who are enthusiastic and too honest. Bejan Daruwalla.

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They are really the best. One of my greatest ambitions had been to go on a world tour, but at 60 when I had given up all hope of it, a relative advised me to talk to an astrologer at GaneshaSpeaks. The astrologer to whom I spoke suggested some remedies, which I sincerely did, and sure enough, within three months, a cousin of mine invited me to travel with his family on a European tour.

One of my friends who lived in Mumbai went to an astrologer for marriage predictions and he was informed that there is the possibility of three marriages in his life as per his horoscope. Now it is natural that he scared badly. He came to me and requested me to tell him the time of his marriage. He wanted to know the accurate marriage prediction by date of birth.

He asked about his marriage Y og then I took much time and told him that as per the south Indian astrological method you will get married within two-three days.

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Everyone was astonished to know this and asked how it is possible. In the above example another planet Mars was also on 7th house so as per my calculation this is multiple marriage yog. See the image below. Then I told him to perform his marriage with Kumbh earthen pot. The reason behind my advice was the existence of strong marriage yog. The strong marriage Y og existed at that time as per his horoscope but there was no bride for him.

He was married to Kumbh Earthern Pot after three days and after eleven days his second marriage was done with Kumbh. After the two months of this remedy, my friend came to me and informed me that he is going to get married and invited me to his marriage. This incident tells us that when the planets responsible for the obstacles in marriage are strong we should perform remedial measure. The remedy was successful therefore third marriage done easily.

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  5. So I think when a person ask an astrologer that when will I get married with exact time prediction of marriage astrologer should tell the remedy to remove the obstacles in the path of the marriage also. By telling this incident self-praising is not my intention. I only want to bring in your notice that if you see the abnormal delay in your marriage then you should understand that there is some problem with the marriage-related planets in your horoscope.

    Mathematically Know your Marriage Date - 2017 - Marriage Predictor

    But sometimes knowing the exact time of marriage can solve a huge problem of life, an example is presented. One of my relatives lives in Bengaluru. He is having an affair with a girl for the last four years.