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Horoscope Shape Characteristics Biography at Wikipedia People born under the sign of Scorpio can think very clearly, they have a good judgement and can assess situations very well. They also have a good memory and a very creative mind, which is characterised by its originality. You see safety in being useful to the society and you look for justification in the outside world.

You may underestimate what you want from yourself and for yourself. Shyness may be accompanied by resentment of the fact that others ignore you.

Strength of the Horoscope and indications

Snake Fire Chinese horoscope. In most countries of the world Snake has a very bad reputation. On the other hand, in the countries of Asia, Snakes are prized, and much appreciated for their wisdom and sagacity. A man born in this sign is sensitive and full of humor. A woman is pretty, and often makes her way through life using her gift of attractive beauty.

Chestnut Tree Celtic tree horoscope. Chestnut tree is a tough tree that is fighting for its space, but it can generously endow its surroundings with its fruits and possibility to relax in the shade of its bushy crown. Chestnut people have a deeply rooted sense for justice and are able to fight vigorously for the right cause. These people are mentally alert and have creative minds. They are creative and original, and they have a good imagination. They hate boredom and like to cooperate with others.

They are charming and witty. They are critical of others and they should therefore learn how to be more diplomatic.


They need to work freely and without restraints. Birthday 19th - Participation Numerology - Birthday Number.

These people are very strong and energetic. They are wise, understanding and empathetic. They are intellectual. They are patient and ready to please others.

Death of Rajiv Gandhi and the horoscope of Sonia Gandhi

In romantic relationships they are devoted. They want to understand their partner and are generous. They passionately protect their family. Once the value is reduced to The table has the advantage that it gives the precise degree of natal midpoints being triggered. You will probably see pertinent midpoints or individual planets, other than those mentioned in the rectifications, being triggered.

Focus should be kept on configurations involving the MC and AS during the rectification process, as these are the ones which validate the birth time. Other pertinent midpoint configurations, which may do nothing to ascertain the time of birth, however, make us more aware of how the planetary combinations manifest in events, teaching us new ideas, or expanding or clarifying our previous conceptions, although they are of little value during the rectification process - except for the Moon when rectifying an unknown birthtime Some believe that Indira had a premonition of her own death.

The very night before the day she was assassinated she said in a speech, "I don't mind if my life goes in the service of the nation. If I die today, every drop of my blood will invigorate the nation.

Remembering Indira Gandhi on her 101st Birthday - India's 1st Female PM - Facts for RRB, SSC & Bank

Despite the controversy over her policies, she probably did more than any single Indian Prime Minister to ultimately democratize India and make the general populace more prosperous. In essence, it is a listing which indicates at what time While it would take much time to calculate this table by hand, the Special Uranian program makes this concise and convenient table of central, critical, solar arc direction contacts accessible for quick assessment, without having to look all over the chart. It is a convenient tool routinely used in 21st century Uranian Astrology.

The table is calibrated to be used with Complementary Arc, a symmetrical derivative of Solar Arc, and not the full equavalent of Solar Arc itself. Let's begin by setting up the main Natal Chart for the data of Indira Gandhi:.


Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. This gives an Ascendant of A list of events in the life of Indira Gandhi, with dates, follows:. To study individual events, set the Level 2 Study Chart to the event date under study. This can be done very quickly in Special Uranian by the following method:. Look for the matrix of chart data boxes at the Tools window at left. These contain the chart data in Universal Time.

The box to the right should show the birth data for Indira Gandhi in UT. To change the data in the matrix of boxes to the right, double-click the box at the upper-left corner of the matrix.

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Depending on the date format you have selected in your Windows settings, it could be the day, the month or the year. Date order is specified by you in your Windows settings, and then the Special Uranian program automatically adapts to that. For example, I am using the international scientific and computer technology format of Y.

D in the examples presented here. So I click on the box at the upper left corner of the data matrix box, and a small window appears asking me to enter the new date manually. I enter the entire event date as Just as in Solar Arc. In fact, halfdistances are in effect the midpoint of the distance between two planets, and reflect the same mathematical principles. However, the degree of the halfdistance is not the same as the degree of the midpoint. The measurement of a halfdistance begins with 0 as the longitude of the the planet being measured from; while the measurement of planetary longitude begins with 0 as the beginning of the zodiac, i.

The notations for both are the same, but the degree values of both are not the same. You do not need to know how these values are calculated in order to use Distances and Halfdistances, as the Special Uranian program does the calculationg for you. Ruth points out that the same configurations recur about Thus both events have impacts on her of similar planetary nature.

In the case of her marriage, she married an independent professional AS. KR , and the marriage involved many and extended separations AS. AD as both partners were highly active professionals in different fields. MA indicates the emotional ardency of her involvement in the relationship, and that it would be one where she was publicly active.

Ruth interpreted this as "The future out in public, involving direct public contact, following extensive success as an influential woman making new beginnings for the future". I leave it to you to correlate the keywords with the planets involved. Complementary Arc I ask you now, using keywords from our list, or the Rulebook, or your own prior knowledge, how do those contacts describe her assassination and departure from this plane of existence? Ruth writes about this turning point: "Energies are blocked due to sudden interactions, as a woman dynamic in public departs from this world.

There was excitement and surprise in the environs. Ruth continues in commenting that this is only one example of how the Special Uranian program enlightens us in referring to planetary configurations correlating directly with worldly events in our lives today. Now, not only does Uranian Astrology prove out physically manifest events, but it also can describe the metaphysical realities such as our psychological states.

The physical and psychological are intimately and inseparably interrelated, and both impact our lives in very significant ways. The Mandala that first appears shows a full 2 degrees between each of the 3 axes used for analysis listed in the upper left corner , therefore we do not need to select alternate axes. A look at the sector categories at the top and left margin of the Mandala show that Indira is both primarily introverted in the Jungian sense , and is strongly driven by instincts from the unconscious, the soul. The most strongly occupied sector indicates that she derives great persistence and staying-power from the energies of collective unconscious, for as long as her sense of justice does not lead to excesses outside the limits of convention.

Looking to the opposite side of Mandala, we see that her activities require self-denial, and she her actions relating to others are stressful. Which planets correlate with this? Upper sectors in relation to the whole: She has difficulty realizing intellectual and ideological concepts, as she is not fully conscious in those matters. She lacks inner balance between body-spirit-soul, and introversion-extroversion. She is primarily a woman of the soul, of the collective instincts.

Priyanka Gandhi Horoscope and Kundali, Priyanka Gandhi Astrology: The Next Indira In The Making?

In closing, I want to mention that I also noted the absences of Venus, Hades, and Kronos, and how the Venus absence might correlate with the extended separations from her husband, and the Hades and Kronos absences with her martyrdom and criticism by others of the ruling classes. Another comment about the earlier predictive technique: Note that Complementary Arc is symmetrical, and its value waxes and wanes between 0 degrees and You do not need to fully understand the mathematical foundations of Complementary Arc in order to use it, as long as you have a program such as Special Uranian, which creates the tables for you, and calculates Complementary Arc values for you.

It of course also calculates the Mandala for you. Ruth has emphasized to me that the Mandala should be used primarily as tool to summarize the chart holistically